What is Arch Capital Ventures legal construct?

Arch Capital Ventures is a real estate fund comprised of a Limited Partnership formed in Delaware, as well as the Arch Capital Venture Fund I, LP. This fund follows SEC rule 506(c) under regulation D, encompassing the investors and the General Partner, led by founding partners Kenneth Watson and Abdiel Louis.

How do I get started?

Investors can complete the online contact form on the platform by providing your name, email, investment amount, and a few other questions. To invest, you just need to fill out and submit the form to get your investment in motion and receive answers for any further questions.

What’s the holding period and what returns can I expect from Arch Capital Venture Fund?

The holding period is up to 5 Years with an 18% target yield. For more information, please visit our offering page.

Who is eligible to invest in the Arch Capital Ventures Growth Fund 1?

To invest in Arch Capital Venture High-Income Growth Fund, you must be an Accredited Investor, meaning you have a net worth of over $1 million (exclusive of primary residence) or an annual income in excess of $200,000 individually or $300,000 jointly with a spouse. If you don’t meet the above-mentioned criteria, we have a new Impact Investing Fund opening soon. Register for further details.

What kind of fees do investors pay?

2% of your total fund assets under management, payable quarterly in advance and a 30% performance fee for the general partner payable as a percentage of net profits if the fund crosses the hurdle rate.

How flexible is your redemption plan?

All fund investments are to be considered illiquid and non-transferable and the lockup period will last for 5 years. For further details, please consult the PPM and see the subscription document.

What are the major risks associated with the fund and what are you doing to mitigate them?

The Fund involves different types of risk, which is why we have a vetting process for shortlisting investment opportunities to mitigate the risk. For further details, please download our PPM.

What is the difference between the High Income Growth Fund and the Impact Investment Fund?

The fundamental difference between both funds is that the High Income Growth Fund is open for accredited investors only, while the Impact Investment Fund is open to all types of investors. This difference translates into different investment objectives, yields, asset types, investment sizes, and duration.

The key differences between the High Income Growth Fund and the Impact Investing Fund are as follows:

  • Objective – High Yield and Tax Advantaged Growth Vs Tax-Advantaged High Yield Income
  • Target Yield – 18% Vs Compliant with Reg. A + Tier 2
  • Asset Type – Commercial, Mixed Used and Multi-Family Real Estate Vs Mixed Used, Multi-Family and Single Family Real Estate
  • Minimum Investment – $100,000 Vs $1,000
  • Lock Up Period – Up To 5 years Vs Up To 3 years

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