Episode 02: Rich In Medicine, Wealthy In Real Estate | How This Surgeon Out-Earns His Salary With A Real Estate Side Hustle

May 9, 2023by Abdiel Precym

We are thrilled to have Tom Burns join us on the show today. After completing his medical education and training in sports medicine as an orthopedic surgeon, Tom started his medical career in his hometown of Austin, Texas. However, he soon realized that a career in medicine alone would not fulfill his desire for an exceptional life that allowed him freedom, choice, and time with his family.

Tom achieved financial independence through hard work, support, and mentorship, allowing him to travel, prioritize family, maintain health, support the US Ski Team, oversee his real estate company, and inspire others to make a positive impact. His mission is to empower others to use their talents for good.

Key Takeaways:

  • Transitioning from Medicine to Real Estate Investment
  • How has Tom’s investment strategy evolved, and what is it currently?
  • How to recession-proof your investment portfolio and prepare for economic downturns
  • Strategizing for market shifts and thriving during recessions
  • Evaluating market trends, shifts, and economic indicators
  • Assessing local market fundamentals for informed investment decisions
  • ”Wealth is a mindset plus action thing.”




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