Episode 04: From Fired to $60M in RE with Michael Angelo

May 16, 2023by Abdiel Precym

Today, we have the pleasure of welcoming Michael “Mike” Angelo to share his inspiring journey from rags to riches with us. Mike is a co-founder of the Nimble Capital Group and is dedicated to helping others achieve financial freedom through investing in multifamily real estate. With over two decades of experience in executive leadership, technical support, and strategic sales, Mike is now a managing partner overseas with 333 multifamily units, and multiple development projects across the South West region. 

Along with his partners, Mike manages assets worth sixty million dollars and holds limited partnership interests in 342 units across Idaho, Colorado, and Florida. His remarkable achievements in the industry are a true testament to his dedication, hard work, and entrepreneurial spirit.

Key Takeaways:

  • How has real estate affected Mike’s personal life?
  • Investing in passive income sources like real estate can help you exceed your corporate income.
  • Understanding the potential impact and velocity of real estate investments.
  • How can someone participate in real estate syndication and generate passive income?
  • Real estate is a slow but rewarding path to wealth that’s open to anyone.
  • Mike shares the top lessons he’s learned from his recent deals.




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