Episode 05: The Power of Passive Real Estate Investments for Financial Independence

May 18, 2023by Abdiel Precym

Get ready to meet our real estate power duo – Skye Logan and Ivan Anz. Skye has dedicated his life to business and humanitarian work, which has fueled his success in the real estate industry. With a robust philanthropic commitment, Skye aims to continue positively impacting others. Meanwhile, Ivan has a track record of running ten successful companies and a passion for high-impact improvements, earning him a spot as an Inc. 500 entrepreneur to watch out for. 

Together, they have taken the industry by storm and have gained invaluable knowledge over the years. Join us today to learn from their experience and discover how passive investments can help you achieve financial freedom and transform your life.

Key Takeaways:

  • How has real estate impacted their lives?
  • Ivan’s path to real estate and achieving financial freedom
  • What motivated Skye to deviate from the conventional path and become a part of Philanthro Investors?
  • Finding a greater purpose in your career is a win-win situation.
  • Skye elaborates on the inner workings of their business firm.
  • What are the criteria for qualifying homeowners in their roster?
  • How do they address the needs of homeowners during challenging times, and what creative solutions do they employ to resolve issues?




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