Episode 06: Discovering the Real Estate Goldmine: Building Wealth through Passive Multifamily Investments

May 23, 2023by Abdiel Precym

Join us in today’s episode as we welcome Matt Fore, an esteemed real estate investor from Nashville, Tennessee. With expertise in multifamilies and syndication, Matt’s remarkable journey showcases his mastery in the field. Having dedicated over a decade to sales at one of the world’s largest tech companies, he experienced a life-changing shift upon discovering the lucrative realm of real estate. 

At the young age of 32, Matt accomplished financial independence, fueled by his astute investments. His impressive portfolio now boasts over 1000+ multifamily units, alongside active participation in real estate ventures amounting to a staggering $100 million. Listen and gain exclusive insights on how he gained success in this industry.

Key Takeaways:

  • Empower yourself by seizing your freedom through real estate investments.
  • Avoid confining yourself to a sole income source indefinitely.
  • How did Matt progress from smaller investments to larger real estate properties?
  • Begin your journey of education and exploration into passive real estate deals.
  • A guide to passive investment in real estate: Key considerations include the team, market conditions, and business plan.
  • What does it entail to make “principle-based decisions”?




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