Episode 11: Discovering the Art of Juggling Real Estate Business With a Day Job

June 8, 2023by Abdiel Precym

Brett Bowman, the Chief Investment Officer of Suncrest Capital, joins us in today’s episode as we talk about managing a 9-to-5 job and pursuing real estate simultaneously. Brett oversees multimillion-dollar budgets as corporate finance and a large-scale program manager. In addition to that, he has acquired over $30 million in assets by investing in single-family rentals to mobile home parks for over 14 years.

Being able to create an investment opportunity in mobile home communities while keeping his full-time job, Brett is able to generate extra passive income. In this episode, he shares the strategies and systems that made it possible for him to navigate both roles successfully.

Key Takeaways:

  • Benefits of pursuing a career path beyond your day job
  • How to launch your real estate business without giving up your full-time job
  • Balance between a day job and a real estate business: the key to maneuvering the two
  • Timeboxing and virtual assistance are significant factors to consider
  • How to systematically and efficiently assign tasks
  • Advice and resources to take into consideration when starting a real estate business as a passive source of income




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